Water: A Home’s Very Formidable Enemy – Structural Intrusion Damage

Water is the most important substance on Earth because without it there would be no life. Even though it contains no calories or organic nutrients it is vital to every living creature because it acts as a transport mechanism for necessary replenishing materials.

Water is wonderful! We use it for recreation and we use it to bathe in, it is the main ingredient in most beverages, and it’s the home environment for many marine creatures we depend on for food.

But water can be dangerous to human life if not given the respect it deserves, and it can damage homes and businesses if the structures are not properly constructed to avoid its intrusion. Just a few drops of water where it’s not supposed to be can be a sign there is trouble somewhere, and it should be investigated.

How common is water damage? According to insurance industry statistics, water is the second leading cause of claims. The top 5 are:

1 – Wind and Hail
2 – Water and Freezing
3 – Damage Caused by Other Humans
4 – Theft
5 – Fire and Lightning

Water: A Home’s Very Formidable Enemy – Structural Intrusion Damage

The thing that makes water damage different from the others is that is is often not visible, and may actually remain hidden for some time. By the time it becomes apparent to the eye, it may be too late for routing repairs. Often water causes major damage including structural harm that compromises the integrity of the entire building.

When buying a new home or commercial property it is vital to have a thorough inspection by a licensed engineer. A hidden water issue caught early may be a minor problem, but undetected it could escalate to require a very costly repair.

Justin Hall, P.E. is eminently qualified to inspect properties ranging from single family homes to large commercial properties. When there are damages due to an unknown source, we can provide forensic investigations culminating in comprehensive reports and if necessary, expert witness testimony.