Suing Over Construction Defects? A Construction Expert Witness is Essential

People every day experience the American Dream of moving into a newly constructed house or condo. For a few months everything is wonderful and there are no complaints because everything is new and everything is covered under a builder’s warranty so there is nothing to worry about. All is right with the world.

Until one day you notice a strange discoloration coming through the wall, and it looks like mold. Or the air conditioning is not cooling like it did when you first turned it on. Perhaps there is a leak in the basement coming from somewhere above, or you notice your ceiling seems to have a “bend” in it, it’s not straight!

You search for the warranty and call the number, but after an inspection the builder says it’s not his fault. The construction company blamesConstruction Expert Witness the developer, who blames the architect, who blames a sub-contractor, who blames the drywall manufacturer, who is out of business. This is a runaround that happens all too often in the world of construction defects. With no satisfaction, people usually hire an attorney, which can be very expensive.

These disputes can drag on for months or years and attorney fees have actually been  known to exceed the amount of repairing the defect, so it can be a very frustrating experience. This is why homeowners and attorneys who understand the nature of faulty construction and material disputes know the best first step is to determine how and when the error(s) happened and who is responsible.

A structural engineer with expertise in all phases of construction is a very valuable asset because once a thorough report has been issued, very few parties involved will attempt to dispute it. An engineer with experience preparing reports and delivering testimony in a court of law is eminently qualified to give expert opinions and therefore judges and juries will rarely try to dispute the results.

Construction Expert Witness

It’s unfortunate that people are dragged through the anguish of having their home but rapid resolution can be accomplished when you have the facts and the evidence on your side. If you are a homeowner or an attorney working for someone experiencing problems resolving a construction defect, please feel free to contact Justin Hall, P.E. by calling 501-240-9213.