Structural Engineers Create Sustainable Design

Ask Your Engineers; Are you Creating Sustainable?

Fortune, a money-minded multinational business magazine, recently reported that “Like it or not, sustainability is now the core of your business.” This marks a dramatic shift in the culture of the corporate world moving towards more socially responsible and sustainable business practices. Increasing the sustainability of your company starts with the very building in which it thrives. If this is something that is important to you and your employees, a structural engineer expert witness can help you find ways to implement sustainable practices in the construction of your new building.

Any eco-friendly structure integrates important environmental considerations into nearly every stage of construction, beginning, of course, with design. A structural engineer expert witness will be mindful of the sustainability goals of your business in every part of the building process.

Here are 5 practical ways a design team of structural engineers can help you meet your sustainability goals:

  • Use of Zero Waste/Materials and Products: Considering possibility of deconstruction or reuse of materials is immeasurably important to the sustainability of your structure. This is to ensure as close to zero waste as possible when the building eventually reaches the end of its life. This might include using bolted steel structures instead of welded ones.
  • Zero Carbon Energy/Zero Waste: Using local products on site, especially recycled/reclaimed materials reduces transportation while also supporting local business.
  • Culture and Community: When possible, it is important to create building designs that are relatively flexible in function. This will allow for all potential future clients to use the facility as it stands for their unique purposes.
  • Land and Nature: During the process of construction, composting organic waste on-site will reduce truck movements while also limiting the volume of material directed to a landfill once the job is completed.
  • Materials and Products/Land and Nature: It is greatly important to specify use of material that does not include any volatile organic compounds. This will surely promote the overall health of employees while refraining from contributing to ground level ozone or smog emittance.

While it is not always the most inexpensive change for your business to implement on the front end, sustainable business practices arguably have direct influence on your bottom line. Just a few operational tweaks can lead to less greenhouse gas emissions and big savings—millions for some—while giving us all a better shot at a future on this planet. A structural engineer expert witness can help you and your company be a part of the change. Contact us today for a free consult.