Experts at Work!

A reputable Structural Analysis Expert is hard to find – This is what clients of Justin Hall PE have to say:

Chris and Lori Yeager – “As we were coming to the end of building our first house.  My husband and I learned about some major issues that needed to be addressed.  Knowing nothing about construction, we hired Justin Hall, as our professional engineer.  Justin found not only the issues we knew about, but, ones, that if not fixed, could have been detrimental.  Justin also helped with involvement with the contractor’s board and our attorney.  Justin appeared at our trial and was very professional.  He handles himself extremely well under pressure.  I am so glad that we chose Justin as our professional engineer.  He has pulled through for us time and time again.  Thanks Justin!” –  Contact info can be requested

Sylvester and Lilian Wilson – “If anyone else that I know needs an inspector of a home being built or one that has already been finished, I will recommend them to your services.” –  Contact info can be requested

Tommy Davis – “I was real impressed with the quality/thoroughness of your report.  You can use me as a reference.” –  Contact info can be requested

Otis Donahue and Sandra Ward – “(Justin) really took care of business, he put his suit on and crawled under the house and I have to give it to him, he is good”

Suzi James – 3 Building Condominium Structural Analysis/Repair Design-“Thank you for the great job you did.” – Contact info can be requested

Perry Turnbull – Residential Engineering Inspection – “Very impressed” – Contact info can be requested

Mariam Rogers – Residential Engineering Inspection – “Thank you Justin. I really appreciate your help with the timing on this inspection. This report is very helpful in determining what we will need to work on once the purchase is complete. I’ll definitely keep your number handy! And refer you to anyone we know that will need these services.”