A Structural Analysis Expert on the Bangladesh Factory Collapse

134 People Killed in a Bangladesh Factory Collapse

Recently, 134 people were killed in a factory collapse in Bangladesh. This sobering event reminds us of the importance of workplace safety. As a result of this tragedy, employers around the world will hopefully increase their workplace safety standards. One way they can do this is by including a construction defect/structural analysis expert in the process of shoring up a structure’s physical security.


A Structural Analysis/Construction Defect Expert Can Safeguard a Workplace


A faulty foundation can be deadly. According to the New York Times, a bad foundation, along with violated building codes, was the culprit of the Bangladeshi factory collapse that killed 134 people and injured about 1,000. Obviously, the working conditions provided by the factory were incredibly unsafe, despite the fact that multinational brands had vowed to improve workplace safety in Bangladesh’s garment industry. This pledge was prompted by a terrible fire at a similar factory. Julfikar Ali Manik and Jim Yardley wrote, “The building collapse on Wednesday quickly revived questions about the commitment of local factory owners, Bangladeshi officials and global brands to provide safe working conditions.”


There are several ways that workplace safety can be improved in Bangladeshi factories in the future. A construction defect expert can clarify to employers exactly how to make workplaces located on every continent safe for employees.  


Hiring an Expert is a Safety Precaution Employers Should Take


Workplace accidents, such as the factory collapse described above, can often be prevented when employers take effective safety precautions. The best precaution an employer can take is to have a structural analysis expert /construction defect expert take a look at a structure.

No workplace is immune to accidents; that’s why it is wise for employers should work with a structural analysis expert/construction defect expert such as expert witness Justin Hall, professional engineer (PE), to increase workplace safety. Justin Hall is experienced in detecting defects in a building’s construction. Any building suspected to have a compromised foundation or structure should be inspected thoroughly.

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