Railing and Balcony Defects – Dangerous Conditions that Require Immediate Attention

Some of the most common construction defects we are called to investigate are railing and balcony/porch problems, often when a steel railing has become loose due to a deterioration of the connection with the substratum, often concrete.

Balconies and porches which extend out from a building on levels above the ground floor usually have steel or aluminum railings to protect people from falling. When they lose their structural ability to remain firm against the weight of a person this is a very dangerous situation.

Railing and Balcony Defects – Dangerous Conditions that Require Immediate Attention
Balcony, Railing, and Porch Construction Defects – Justin Hall, P.E.

The reasons for failures in these situations can be any number of causes. Sometimes it is a design issue, sometimes the materials are substandard, and sometimes the cause was poor workmanship during the original construction. The problem is that when failures occur with one porch, railing, or balcony there are usually several more. Sometimes hundreds.

The cost to repair or replace the railings or balconies can be exorbitantly high, and building or unit owners will likely try to find the responsible party for these failures and that can be difficult.

Railing Balcony Construction Defects

An engineer with construction experience is the logical individual to examine and investigate the original plans for a project, then look into the materials used and the contractors and subcontractors who performed the work. Somewhere in the chain of events is the root cause for the failure(s) and it’s important to document the facts with evidence.

Justin Hall, P.E. has worked with property owners struggling with defective railings, porches, balconies, and stairwells in private homes, residential rental buildings, condos, and commercial properties for several years and they are qualified to handle these situations.

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