Qualities of Structural Engineer Expert Witness


Important Qualities of a Structural Engineer Expert Witness

Looking for a structural engineer expert witness is easy; finding the right one, Justin Hall PE Expert Witnesshowever, can be tricky. After all, a plethora of professionals will claim to have the skills needed to help you meet your objectives. Without a doubt, some of these expert witnesses can meet and even exceed their clients’ expectations. In order to do this, though, they must possess three specific qualities.  

What qualities should a structural engineer expert witness possess?


It’s a given that a structural engineer expert witness should be competent and well educated. However, it’s equally important that he or she be confident, determined, and exceptionally experienced:


1) Confidence Besides being properly credentialed, the main quality a structural engineer expert witness should possess is confidence. Why? Because, as is written in The Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, “Expert witness confidence has often been noted to influence jurors.” To determine an expert witness’s level of confidence, ask about his or her success rate. That should give you a good idea of how influential the professional tends to be on jurors.


2) Determination – Expert witnessing demands determination. If structural engineer expert witnesses are not highly determined, it’s unlikely that they will have the gumption needed to tirelessly fight for their clients. Again, an expert witness’s success rate may indicate how determined he or she is.


3) Experience – An engineer expert witness should possess far more than just sufficient training and education. He or she should also have extensive experience in the legal aspects of expert witnessing and be comfortable working with attorneys. An expert witness’s rich legal experience can powerfully tip the scales in your favor.

Justin Hall PE Expert Witness

When seeking a structural engineer expert witness, look for one who is confident, determined, and experienced. Justin Hall, PE expert witness (Professional Engineer) for Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri is a structural engineer expert witness who possesses these qualities and then some. Mr. Hall has experience in the areas of code violation, tornado damage, structural failure, foundation settlement, water intrusion, explosion forsensics, and much more. Contact Justin Hall, PE expert witness today to find out more about his experience and services.