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Why An Engineering Expert Witness Should Investigate No-Injury Workplace Accidents


True or false: If an accident happens in the workplace, yet no one is injured, the workplace accident should not be investigated. The correct answer is, “False”! ANY workplace accident should be investigated, no matter if it resulted in injury or not.


The Definition of “Workplace Accident”


What exactly is a workplace accident? One definition is “an unplanned event that interrupts the completion of an activity, and that may (or may not) include injury or property damage.” Did you notice the “or may not” in that statement? It indicates that an accident is an accident regardless of the presence of injury or property damage.


3 Reasons Why No-Injury Workplace Accidents Should Be Investigated


If a workplace accident did not result in property damage or personal injury, why should it be investigated- and why should it be investigated by an engineering expert witness?

Here are three reasons:

1) An investigation can reveal the cause of a workplace accident. This is crucial. Work-related injuries and illnesses cost a total of $250 billion yearly. Accident investigations by a qualified engineer such as Justin Hall P.E. can help employers correct root causes of accidents and lower the risk of future unfortunate events.Structural Analysis Expert


2) Workplace accident investigations are often legally necessary. For example, a company’s insurance may demand an investigation in order for workers’ compensation claims to be fulfilled. The insurance company with note the credibility of the analysis of the accident and therefore hiring an engineering expert with good reviews is very important.


3) Accident investigations help to determine the overall cost of an accident. This is helpful to businesses as well as insurance companies and can be precisely calculated by an experienced Engineering expert.


Who Can Investigate a Workplace Accident?

Not just anyone can investigate an accident that happens in the workplace. The best person for the job is a highly trained forensic engineer. Engineering Expert Witness. Justin Hall P.E. says, “Incidents that involve no injury or property damage should still be investigated to determine the hazards that should be corrected. The same principles apply to a quick inquiry of a minor incident and to the more formal investigation of a serious event.”


Bottom line:

Get workplace accidents investigated, no matter how minor or “harmless” they may seem.

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