Advice for Building a New Home in the New Year

Many people have the dream of designing their own home. Years are spent creating the plans in their minds-then life stages come and go, design plans adjust accordingly-small family, big family, in-laws, retirement. When the time finally arrives to build your new home, you want it to be just right-no mishaps no fails. Part of the dream of building construction expert witnessyour dream home includes quality and dependability-efficiently executed.

So what if that’s not what you get? Sure your home turns out beautifully, in fact better than you imagined, but once the new home celebrations have passed, with a few memorable holidays to follow, the daily norm sets in and you realize something is just not right. Whether you start to see cracks beginning to form in unusual places in the walls or you find that doors and windows aren’t closing as they should or maybe you find yourself playing games with your light switches and outlets to get them to work properly-you are finding that you are not so confident in the stability of your cherished dream home.

Finding a qualified construction expert witness is vital in the case of not feeling rest assured about the structural soundness of your new home. The structural soundness of your new home is everything when it comes to being able to enjoy where you live and feel peace of mind in your investment.

A construction expert witness with experience in  forensic engineering, mechanical engineering and structural engineering can be a great help when assessing the cause of core issues or construction defects  in a new build. While it is an added investment, paying the construction expert witness to carry the burden of proof will put your mind at ease from having to know and understand the unknowns.

Now, the goal here is not to squelch the dream or put a damper of doubt on your brand new home but rather to provide a resource for when construction defects do arise.

Here are just a few ways that could help you avoid the need for a construction expert witness later.

Carefully review the sales/construction contract for your newly built home-making sure it includes:

  • A list of plans and actions expected from builder
  • A list of manufacturer names of all fixtures and amenities to be installed into the house
  • Rights to call back the builder’s attention in case of cracked walls, electrical issues etc for a specific amount of time after possession
  • A service warranty for one year after construction
  • Protecting your down payment by placing it in escrow until completion.

Be encouraged to move unabashedly towards the building of your new home and simply include some of these bits of advice that can help you to avoid construction defects from the start- so you can sleep soundly in your dream home for a long long time.