Make the Case with a Construction Defect Expert Witness

Moving into a new home is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences most people have in a lifetime. The smell of new carpet, paint, and appliances is wonderful and gives a new homeowner a sense of pride and accomplishment. The bubble sometime bursts when people settle in and start to notice that something just “isn’t quite right” and they begin to investigate.

Construction defects are much more common than one might imagine, and the resulting problems usually grow worse over time. Why? Construction Defect Expert WitnessBecause homes are designed by architects and engineers to be built according to accepted standards so that forces of nature like gravity don’t have adverse effects. A concrete foundation, for example, that is not properly framed and poured may allow water to intrude the home. Water has a mind of it’s own and likes to go in places where it will do damage to walls, floors, and anything else that gets in it’s way.

A wall that is not perfectly vertical could begin moving towards the horizontal plane and continue until there is not only damage to the structure, but danger to people.

What are the most common construction defects? Some defects we deal with regularly include:

Structural integrity – concrete, masonry & division, carpentry, unstable foundations
Expansive soils
Water intrusion (often resulting in toxic mold)
Thermal and moisture protection
Doors, windows and glass

There is often a lot of finger pointing when problems come up with construction defects. The contractor blames the sub-contractor who blames the distributor, who blames the manufacturer. The poor homeowner just wants his property fixed and compensation for damages!

Construction Defect Expert Witness

An experienced engineer with vast experience investigating construction defects is eminently qualified to investigate who is truly at fault. When disputes can’t be resolved, mediation and court cases often are the only alternative and this is when expert witness services are very valuable. Justin Hall has dealt with hundreds of construction defect investigations and follow ups over the years and is available to speak with you if you call 501-436-0091.