Little Rock Engineer Launches Website

Justin Hall, the owner of Hall Engineering Group in Little Rock, Arkansas recently launched a website ( designed for attorneys, insurance companies and plaintiffs to promulgate his expertise as a trial witness and litigation resource. “Natural calamities like earthquakes and tornadoes have generated an increase in demand for forensic engineers, and I felt there was a need for legal and risk management professionals as well as homeowners to access accurate information,” said Hall. Mr. Hall also maintains offices in east Texas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

Since the recent earthquakes in Oklahoma and the Southern Midwest, lawyers are relying on professionals like Hall, a certified Professional Engineer with 16 years of experience, to help resolve cases involving property damage and loss. Whether it’s evaluating damage claims, analyzing structural defects, or providing expert witness testimony, engineers are emerging as an important part of the legal process. It’s a field that’s known in professional circles as “Forensic Engineering.”

Justin Hall has been called on for residential and commercial construction defect cases, insurance claim disputes, arbitration, mediation and deposition. Most notably, he has served as an expert witness, which means he has been accepted by the Court as a technical expert qualified to offer expert testimony. Last September, Hall shared his Forensic Engineering experience in the aftermath of the recent earthquake on Oklahoma City’s KOCO-5 News. He is also scheduled to appear as a subject matter expert on Dateline NBC in December of 2016.
“It’s my goal to make qualified analysis, expert testimony, and litigation support available whenever there are engineering issues involved in the pursuit of truthful and equitable resolutions,” Hall said. “In business and in court, my top priorities are integrity, safety, and reliability.”

Hall went on to say: “I believe this website will provide the information attorneys, insurance companies, construction experts and individual owners need to make a decision about hiring a qualified expert, and I’m pleased with the results.”

Justin Hall, PE, is a graduate of the University of Arkansas with a degree in Mechanical and Structural Engineering. In 2001, he founded Hall Engineering Group, one of the premier mechanical and structural engineering firms operating in Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. In addition to providing extensive inspection and design/build services, Hall Engineering now offers litigation support and expert witness testimony for lawyers, insurance companies and property owners. Learn more at or contact 501.240.9213.