Forensic Engineering

forensic engineering expertJustin Hall’s experience as a civil engineering expert, structural engineering expert and mechanical engineering expert has everything to do with being an overall expert in the entire field of forensic engineering. As a Forensic Engineering Expert, Justin Hall evaluates and analyzes the structural failures of buildings, bridges and other construction projects together with the writes reports offering expert opinion and testimony for court deposition. Forensic Engineering Expert Witness has become a sought after field of practice in lieu of growing weaknesses in the quality of construction in our country. While continual increase in modernization and inventiveness of design is a positive sign of growth in economic and structural growth, an equal increase of analysis and scrutiny of these new heights must also be in place to ensure that quality and safety standards are maintained.

Civil Engineering

A full and thorough knowledge of the engineering field is what makes Justin Hall’s expertise one that allows him to carry the title of Civil Engineering Expert. Civil Engineering leans heavily on the design aspect of any given building where, in many cases lies the origination of the specific defect or damage affecting the whole project. Careful, knowledgeable analysis of the structural and mechanical design work can save both time and money in the long run -preventing a need to go back to the drawing board in search of specific causation. Fielding any chance of recurring defects in reconstruction, a civil engineering expert can confirm whether the forensic design is, in fact, sound and trustworthy. civil engineering expert


Structural Engineering

structural engineering expertBeing able to interpret and foresee the dependability of all aspects of a structure as well as categorically evaluate the defect/damage probability requires having the mind of a problem-solver. Commonly as a structural engineering expert, Justin Hall evaluates, calculates and creates reports providing quality solutions for structural improprieties. As a structural engineering expert witness, Justin has the necessary foundational education in structural engineering as well as the needed hands-on experience of working in and with the various aspects of building and construction qualifying his assessment of construction defects and damages fit for both the courtroom and the boardroom.


Mechanical Engineeringmechanical engineering expert

What makes a good mechanical engineering expert? An engineer’s success in the field of forensic engineering is the result of the combination of many components in his or her background: first, a good education in engineering and its related subjects; then years of hands-on experience in analysis, design, construction, testing, inspection, condition assessment, and trouble-shooting; understanding of the design-construction process; comprehension of legal implications; good communication skills; a knack for problem solving; a positive attitude to team work; a strong sense of ethics; self-confidence without arrogance; confident and credible disposition; and a high level of intellectual sophistication. Some of these traits can be learned but some are ingrained or acquired. Our concentration would provide the “learning” and a few other attributes that ensure the quality reporting from your mechanical expert witness is above repute and brings successful body of proof in litigation across the board.

Justin Hall PE is equipped with the resources necessary to provide evidence in any forensic claim.

Professional services offered including but not limited to:

  • on-site testing and investigation
  • conducting meetings with instructing authorities
  • third-part evidence review
  • documentary evidence review
  • report preparation