EIFS Failures in Homes and Commercial Buildings – Justin Hall, P.E.

EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems) was hugely popular for many years as a less-expensive and easy-to-apply solution in new construction. Sometimes called synthetic stucco, EIFS was hailed as a miracle material and builders loved it because it cut costs and saved time.

After about 15 years of extensive use, however, there were major problems with EIFS, and homeowners, associations, and commercial property owners started to file lawsuits over damages. Water intrusion was one of the major issues, and with water comes damage from rotted wood, mildew, ruined floors and ceilings, electrical malfunctions, and many other serious problems. When moisture gets trapped behind the exterior finish it can be a fertile environment for mold, which can cause dangerous health problems for humans and pets.

Who was at fault?

That issue is still being resolved in the legal system and mediation across the country. The culprits are usually A common scenario for disputes over who to blame is that the builder blames the material manufacturer, the manufacturer blames improper installation, the owner blames a flawed design by the architect, and around it goes, sometimes for years.

As strange as it may seem, EIFS is still being used in new construction because many in the construction industry believe it is a viable, dependable product. More detailed installation instructions accompany the product as it’s delivered to job sites and only time will tell if the problems will continue.

EIFS Failure Expert Witness

In any construction defect dispute there are several opinions about the cause of the problem, but opinions do not win court cases. What’s needed are facts, supported by evidence, and presented in a clear manner by a qualified individual to prevail. Justin Hall, P.E. is a licensed engineer who has spent a large portion of his professional career in the construction industry, investigating construction defects caused by a very wide range of reasons. He is qualified to find the cause of construction defects and present them professionally and proficiently so the real facts can help determine who is responsible.

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