Tornado Damage

Tornado Damage

Tornado damage can be caused by high winds and massive irregular wind patterns. The result can be devastating. Wide ranges of damage can occur from loss of siding, minor roof damage to entire houses being lifted off of their foundations. When building a house in an area accustomed to tornado activity, it is important to take necessary safety precautions.

Avoid tornado damage by taking these steps when building:

  • Purchase heavy duty doors made to withstand the high wind/impact
  • Secure garage doors with vertical bracing systems safe-guarding from losing the door due to damaging winds
  • Build the roof with Strong-Tie galvanized-steel hurricane clips with 300 to 1500 pound lift prevention
  • Prepare to cover the windows with plywood and window clips to close off house from flying rubble
  • Consider adding cable ties to secure the foundation of the home from lifting from forceful winds
  • Build smart against tornadoes with insulated concrete forms vs timber-frame construction

When tornadoes strike, it is necessary for a qualified structural engineer expert to assess and determine not only the extent of the damages, but when and if people will be allowed to return to their homes and places of work. Safety is always of paramount concern. Taking careful steps toward recovery and rebuilding or repairing your structure after a tornado is all encompassing. Therefore reliance upon an engineer  with certified forensic qualifications is the wisest decision you could make in any tornado recovery situation.

Justin Hall PE has the experience and credentials to properly assess damage and offer analysis and recommendations for repairs needed as a result of tornado damage.