Failure Analysis

failure analysis

Failure Analysis

Failure analysis is the examination of a building and its components to determine the elements that are potential to failure. In this analysis, an expert engineer collects and analyzes data to determine the cause of a failure.
Expert Witness Testimony/Litigation is the opinion evidence that is usually provided by experts. Typically, the expert engineer gives the opinion about analysis, findings, and conclusion regarding the construction investigation case at hand. Expert structural engineering practices specialize not only in the structural design process before a structure is erected but are also called upon to determine why a structure fails.

Analysis may require certain specialized forensic skills:

Depending on circumstances such as fire, damaging weather, faulty construction or simply, a weak foundation, a mechanical engineering expert or an expert in forensic engineering may be needed in order to determine cause. For another instance, if a building gives way under stress and under a pressure that it was designed for, an expert in structural engineering, trained in the construction of sound foundations with an understanding of weight bearing load, would be the best for such failure analysis. Foundation System Settlements deals with how a building settles on or beneath the earth materials. The settlement of the foundation depends on the type of soil. Different types of soil have the different capacity of holding a given foundation system. Prediction of foundation settlement requires comprehensive data analysis, which describes the condition of the subsoil. For accurate predictions, expert engineers regularly carry out a comprehensive data analysis of construction stages, footing, and loading configuration.

Bottom Line:

Failure analysis takes time, money and careful examination by an professional engineering expert witness. Well worth the expense and investment of effort managing the investigation, the end result is not only quality resolution but a safe structure and priceless peace of mind.