Construction Defect Expert Witness

construction defect expert witness

What is a Construction Defect Expert Witness?

A construction defect expert witness is sometimes required when a building is constructed and strays from plans that were previously approved by the buyer, or per state regulations. In order to achieve the best result, it is important for designers and construction workers to get the job done according to plan, without cutting any corners to achieve the desired final result. Some contractors use different products or cut a few corners to get the job done quicker, and it is our job to make sure that this hasn’t happened when it comes to your newly constructed property.

Defects can be caused by many different aspects, including the type of product use, the actual construction of the area, and how things were fitted. We will get to the bottom of it in order to bring you piece of mind, with your safety as our top priority.  Finding the underlying cause of what actually went wrong during the project will help get you back on track in a timely manner while ensuring that the construction failures are taken care of immediately. A construction defect expert that is experienced and trustworthy will bring weaknesses to light and make sure that clarity is achieved and that the structural integrity of your building is not in jeopardy.

Justin Hall PE has extensive experience in all aspects of the construction process and is eager to ensure that you are getting the best quality available for your construction project. We will help to inspect and diagnose any issue, including chimneys, flood damages, foundation crack and movement issues, sinkholes, water entry, crawl spaces, decks, and many other areas. To the naked eye, it may seem as if nothing is wrong. This is why trained professionals are necessary.

We may suggest that a different type of material is used in certain areas, or that safer construction methods be used in order to achieve the best results. By changing small issues early on in the building process, it can save you time and money in the long run. It may even help mitigate unnecessary maintenance down the road!

Justin Hall PE is available for consult, and to be an expert witness if necessary, regarding all points of construction defects pertaining to both residential and commercial properties. Let us find the problem and help rectify the situation so that you can enjoy what your property has to offer for many years to come.

Construction Defects

When a residence or building is constructed in such a way as to deviate from approved plans, this could be a defect and may require the evaluation of a Construction Defect Expert Witness. Plans (architectural and engineering drawings) are reviewed and approved and must be followed in order to preserve the intended final result. It is very important to understand the causes of any construction defects in order to obtain structural soundness and quality workmanship. Checking your structure or building for such defects can bring both peace of mind and safety. Knowing what went wrong with construction failures is the first step towards recovering and getting the project back on track. Experienced advice together with a trustworthy construction defect expert witness can bring clarity to where the weaknesses reside leading to the correct solutions for structural integrity to be restored. Implementing alternative materials and safer construction methods can allow the project to be completed to the without any further need for evaluation and problem resolution.

Chimneys, crawl spaces, decks, building flood damage, foundation crack and movement damage, rot or insect damage, sink holes, and water entry are examples of topics for which Justin Hall PE provides inspection, diagnosis, and if necessary, expert testimony. Justin Hall has extensive experience in all facets of construction defects and structural integrity pertaining to residential and commercial structures.