Construction Defects-Understanding the Causes

Causes of Construction Defects

The failure of any construction project is not the desired outcome but is sometimes a reality. In the worst cases, it can involve property damage, serious injury or death. It is important to involve a construction defect expert to analyze what went wrong. It may require the use of a construction expert witness in court to ensure liability does not rest with contractors and materials suppliers that provided the needed products and services if they were provided correctly. Proper and experienced construction defect evaluation can accurately determine what went wrong resolving any legal disputes.

Analyzing Materials for Defects

Sub-standard materials, products with manufacturing defects or improperly handled and stored building materials can all lead to construction failure when these products are used. A construction defect expert can take a look at samples of all involved materials to determine if they were of the quality needed to provide the building integrity expected. Proper installation and construction will lead to a bad outcome if the materials used are faulty.

Defects in Construction Method

There is a lot of responsibility that rests on the shoulders of a construction expert to ensure that every job is done right. Budgets have to be met, quality has to be above average and failure can mean property damage, personal injuries or fatalities. These are times that missing critical completion deadlines end up being the last worry. A serious construction method error can stop a project completely. The use of a construction defects expert witness will help determine the exact cause and offer ways to fix the damage that has been done in the most cost-effective way possible.

Getting a Project Back On Track

Knowing what went wrong with construction failures is the first step towards recovering and getting the project back on track. Expert advice gleaned with quality construction witness will show where the weaknesses are so that things can be corrected. Better materials and safer construction methods can be employed that will allow the project to be completed to the desired end. The settlements of all legal disputes offer an open window of opportunity that allows all sides to come to complete agreement. It paves the way for peaceful resolution.
Call on construction defects expert, Justin Hall to help determine the cause and resolve disagreements when construction failure occurs. A small investment of time and money can save an important building project from complete disaster.