Construction Accidents Expert Witness

Construction Accidents

Reputable testimony from a construction accidents expert witness and strong forensic evidence can make or break any case in a court of law and settlement room. When credibility counts, experienced industry leaders and concrete scientific proof are difficult to dispute. We specialize in providing expert opinions from an experienced engineering perspective. Our work can tip the scales of justice in your favor.

construction accidentsConstruction accidents arise from factors both painfully apparent and dangerously minute. No matter their causes, it is obvious why these incidents lead to litigation, which may take many years and much money to resolve. Businesses and insurance companies lose money to repair damage, replace equipment and abandon plans when crisis comes to a construction site. In the worst instances, people are injured or may lose their lives.

Construction Accidents expert Witness

We help attorneys when a construction accidents expert witness engineer is the most qualified and trained to untangle the complex causes behind construction accidents, structural and non-structural earthquake damage, and foundation failure. Our Litigation Support services begin with a thorough consultation to gather all the information our clients can provide on their accidents. We know what questions to ask and what data to look for in a Failure Analysis. We can evaluate when construction defects are to blame and when human error has come into play.

From that point an expert witness engineer and team can prepare to offer honest, provable testimony to weigh in on your litigation, insurance claims or estimates. For construction accidents, a Structural Failure Investigation may be necessary. We can provide a precise, economical Structural Repair Analysis to advocate for compensation rights.

Justin Hall is a qualified expert witness engineer with a background in civil engineering, structural engineering and mechanical engineering -prepared to evaluate or prevent any construction accident. In addition to being a litigation and expert testimony asset, his insights have been critical in such aftermaths as Foundation System Settlements and Post-Disaster Damage Assessments. Because it is prudent to prevent accidents and damages before they start, he is eager to consult with you today on steps to take to fortify your structures now and prevent accidents in construction later.