Concrete Deterioration – A Major Construction Defect

We have highlighted dozens of common construction defects through our blog, and often they involve workmanship errors, manufacturing defects, design mistakes, and problems with manufactured products like windows or doors. But one of the most important elements of almost all construction projects, concrete, seems like it would be immune from causing a serious problem with the integrity of a home or commercial building. That is not correct.

Bad Concrete – There are many types of problems associated with concrete that can cause serious problems with the structural integrity of new construction, some relatively soon.

First, we should distinguish between a defect and deterioration. A defect is an identifiable, unwanted condition that was not part of the original intent of design. Deterioration is a defect that has occurred over a period of time.

Problems that are not uncommon and can vary according to severity include scaling, erosion, corrosion of steel reinforcement, alkali-aggregate reactions, and cracking.

Identifying the cause and source of concrete defects is essential when a concrete-related construction defect occurs because in most cases it will be necessary to determine who will be held responsible for the error. A problem may be related to the manufacturer, it could be a placement design error or it could be the contractor who made a mistake.

Concrete Deterioration Construction Defects
Concrete Deterioration Expert Witness – Justin Hall P.E.

Who is capable to determine where the error occurred?

Concrete Deterioration Construction Defects

A licensed engineer with special expertise in construction is the individual who is capable and qualified to inspect structural issues, materials, design plans, and circumstances related to construction defects. When evidence must be documented and explained in a manner that can be understood by non-experts it is an engineer with experience as an expert witness who is the best choice.

Justin Hall, P.E. has been assisting with construction defect cases for several years and has the credentials to be effective in these situations. You can reach Mr. Hall by calling 501-240-9213