Commercial Property Construction Defects, Liability, and Lawsuits

Construction defects happen in single family homes, apartments, schools, hospitals, and virtually any new property. In the case of commercial construction there are some interesting differences regarding the potential for monetary losses, meaning the residents – who are businesses – are often prevented from conducting their day-to-day operations and that means lost money.

Another difference is that today’s buildings are more complex in design for many reasons including environmental concerns and computer & communication equipment requirements.

If a defect in a building causes a business to lose it’s ability to connect to the internet, for example, that business is out of business. A plumbing error means employees can’t use the restrooms and they go home. Electrical problems, leaks, and air-conditioning issues mean the same thing. We’re not talking about a leaky faucet or a circuit breaker, but major defects that can shut down an entire building for long periods of time.

Commercial Property Construction Defects, Liability, and Lawsuits
Commercial Construction Defects Expert Witness – Justin Hall P.E.

When a business is shut out of their building they lose money and in most cases they will look to the landlord for relief. The landlord may be a management company who will look to the owner, and the owner will seek compensatory damages from the construction company……who will probably blame a sub-contractor. Everyone will deny responsibility so who is at fault?

This is where a construction defect expert witness is critical. In particular an engineer with expertise in construction practices is the one who can get to the real facts and prepare reports that are precise and comprehensive.

Commercial Property Construction Defects

Often cases like this wind up in court and a judge certainly doesn’t want to hear arguments going back and forth. An expert witness will, with evidence, lay the blame for problems precisely where they belong, with the party that failed to use proper materials and methods to complete their work as required in the plans.

Sometimes the plans are wrong, too. That is often the cause of defective construction.

Justin Hall has years of experience finding the cause of defective construction and he has prepared reports, issued opinions, and testified on hundreds of disputes, helping to settle expeditiously many cases.

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