How to Choose an Engineering Expert Witness

Education, Experience, Reputation are all Elements to Consider

First, let us examine situations where someone should consider bringing in an engineering expert witness. There are literally hundreds of situations when the expert opinion of an engineer will be helpful, perhaps crucial:

  • Building Construction Defects
  • Foundation Settlement
  • Water Intrusion
  • Catastrophic Structural Failure
  • Code Violations

engineering expert witnessWhen there is a problem or failure with the design, construction, or performance of any structure, there is more often than not a lot of finger pointing. “The architect messed up, the builder didn’t follow the plans, or the inspector didn’t catch the mistake” are all typical allegations when no one wants to accept responsibility for an error.

Who is capable and qualified to clear up the confusion? A structural engineer.

How do You Select the Right Engineering Expert Witness?

There are thousands of qualified engineers across the country, but very few of them who have experience working with attorneys and the courts when a situation becomes unresolvable.

One of the most important talents for an engineering expert witness to be successful is the ability to explain very technical terms and concepts to a judge or jury. For example, if a beam designed to hold up a roof bends and fails and the roof falls in causing people to be injured, what was the cause? Was the steel defective? Was the beam not properly attached to other structural components? Was the design flawed?

After thorough inspections, an engineering expert witness must be able to relate why people were injured. In court a typical jury might be comprised of regular people like bankers, musicians, engineering expert witnesscooks, and truck drivers who know very little about construction or structural design. A really good expert witness can calmly and clearly talk to people calmly and methodically so they grasp the concepts and facts necessary to arrive at the truth.

Justin Hall, P.E. is just such an engineer. Mr. Hall has worked with builders, architects, attorneys, and inspectors to get to the truth and then explain it clearly in depositions or in court. He has worked on cases involving damage due to storms, defective materials, and a multitude of other reasons where serious issues need to be resolved in part, to make sure they don’t happen in the future. Justin has served as an expert witness in over 40 cases over the past eight years.

Mr. Hall has established a sterling reputation for his professionalism and his ability to respond quickly when called on for his expertise. He is available to travel on short notice if necessary or he can meet via online audio-visual conferencing.

Justin Hall P.E. can be reached by calling 501-436-0091.