Carbon Fiber Mesh Foundation Repair


Foundations are almost always damaged by earthquakes and vibration from drilling and fracking. Foundation damage can occur as settlement of the footing and/or separation of the foundation block mortar bond. Foundation settlement can be repaired using pier pilings however failure of the foundation block mortar bond is not as easily repaired. We at Justin Hall, PE have designed a CARBON FIBER MESH for foundaion repair which makes up for the loss in structural integrity caused by this damage.

An earthquake damages a foundation to a home or building by flexing the concrete block structure to the point that it breaks the mortar bond to the blocks. Each time there is an earthquake, foundation repair may require more and more of the broken concrete block mortar bonds to be replaced. Concrete block walls are extremely strong however they are extremely brittle. Because they are brittle they do not flex when the earthquake moves the soils supporting them.

When the concrete block mortar bond is broken, the foundation no longer provides the uplift and side loading which comes from tornadoes, straight-line winds or hurricanes. To make the concept simpler to understand, your home or building is now sitting on top of a single pile row of Jenga blocks. And the taller it is off the ground, the more unstable the situation.

We at Justin Hall, PE designed this carbon fiber mesh system which creates full unification of the high strength carbon fiber, high strength structural epoxy and the foundation blocks to return the home back to its structural integrity and original design of the foundation. Actually the carbon fiber mesh and epoxy are three times stronger than concrete so the structure is better than it was before. The carbon fiber mesh design we use on earthquake damaged homes has been in use on foundation walls for over 10 years.

Contact us to repair your home with this proven system. If you have earthquake insurance, they will usually pay us for the repairs. Repairs cost approximately $10,000 for 1000sf homes and can go up or down based on square footage, height of foundation walls, and quantity of walls.

We perform these repairs anywhere including all of Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee and Louisiana.