The Bright Future Ahead Will Rely on Engineering

Structural Engineer Expert WitnessHave you ever looked at a bridge or a very tall building and thought “how does that thing stay up?” The answer of course is engineering! But it’s not just large structures like buildings that rely on qualified engineers to do the math and make sure large structures stay strong. They work on the products we use every day to ensure they work properly and last as long as possible.

Some engineers that design the cell phones we rely on every day work on software, but structural and electrical engineers have to add their expertise to make sure the units themselves will be lightweight, small, and strong. Engineers figure out how to build the towers that transfer signals from our phones to satellites in space and then back down to another tower, and then to another phone.

What’s Coming?

A 760 mile-per-hour train. Tesla and Space-X founder Elon Musk has ideas for a “Hyperloop” train that will be propelled by vacuum pressure in a tube. At that speed you could travel from New York City to Los Angeles in 3.6 hours which is faster than an airplane. You know there will be hundreds of engineers involved in that project.

Sonic Firefighting. Engineers at George Mason University are developing a system to put out forest fires using sound waves blasted from drones. Not only will that take brave firefighters out of danger, it will save trees and homes from devastating fires a lot faster than trying to get water to extinguish the flames.

Engineering Expert WitnessFloating Farms. As the world’s population grows people will consume more food, farmland will become scarce and that’s a bad combination. The Barcelona-based design company’s Smart Floating Farms (SFF) concept is a sustainable, solar-powered vertical farm that floats on pontoons, making it possible to grow food off a coast, in the open sea or just about any large body of water.

Basically anything that improves our quality of life today and in the future will require the expertise of engineers. If you or someone you know is looking for a stable career, engineering is a great choice and there are plenty of options: structural engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and many more. is a nice place to visit and get ideas.

Engineering Expert Witness

Justin Hall, P.E. is an engineer specializing in structural engineering who also has special training and experience helping to determine the cause of engineering failures in construction-related situations. Mr. Hall is an expert witness who often provides testimony in court when it is necessary to determine the cause of defects, problems, and errors that adversely impact homes and/or commercial buildings. He can be reached at (501) 436-0091.