Accident Investigations – Structural Engineering Analysis and Expert Witness Services

Accident Investigations - Engineering ExpertWhen you wake up in the morning the last thing you are probably thinking about is getting into an accident. Wise people avoid dangerous situations and are less likely to be in an accident, and it’s good to know where those situations are.

The Insurance Information Institute keeps track of how people are killed (non-natural causes) and the results are interesting. These numbers tell us how many people died from various causes and what the odds are any random person will die from the ranked causes in any year, and over their lifetime:

Cause of Death Cases in 2014 Yearly Odds Lifetime Odds
Unintentional poisoning by and exposure to noxious substances 42,032 7,586 96
All motor vehicle accidents 35,398 9,008 114
     Car occupants 6,274 50,822 645
     Motorcycle riders 4,106 77,656 985
     Pedestrian incident 6,258 50,952 647
Assault by firearm 10,945 29,133 370
Exposure to smoke, fire and flames 2,701 118,051 1,498
Fall on and from stairs and steps 2,285 139,544 1,771
Drowning and submersion while in or falling into swimming pool 701 454,860 5,772
Firearms discharge (accidental) 586 544,125 6,905
Fall on and from ladder or scaffolding 525 607,347 7,707
Air and space transport accidents 412 773,925 9,821
Earthquake and other earth movements 86 3,707,640 47,051
Cataclysmic storm (2) 61 5,227,165 66,335
Bitten or struck by dog 36 8,857,140 112,400
Lightning 25 12,754,282 161,856
Flood 8 39,857,132 505,801

Most of these accidental deaths are preventable, and many of them could involve the failure of a structural or mechanical component in some form.

Example: Fall from scaffolding or ladder – Was there a stress failure or an error in the design that caused the accident? Possibly, and the only way to fond out is with a competent investigation by an engineer.

What about an accidental firearm discharge? Was there a mechanical design issue with the safety?

Accidental drowning – was a barrier fence not designed properly to prevent children from gaining access to the pool?

Accident InvestigationsAccidents will always happen, but we can reduce them when we pledge to learn from them and take measures to prevent them in the future.

Accident Investigations – Engineering Expert

Our legal system allows persons who suffer injuries due to the action or inaction of others or because of their negligence or malpractice to pursue compensation. Often an engineering expert is called upon to examine and analyze evidence to determine the cause of an accident, and expert witnesses are used to explain complex results and terminology to judges and juries.

Justin Hall, P.E. is often contacted when serious accidents happen because they are experts in investigations and also providing expert witness services. Please call: (501) 436-0091