A Civil Engineer Expert Increases Workplace Safety

A civil engineering expert witness can ensure that safety is paramount.  In the United States in 2015, 2.9 million non-fatal workplace accidents took place. As a result of accidents like these, $170 billion yearly is paid out in workers’ comp, legal fees, insurance-related costs, etc. Truly, some workplace accidents could be prevented if employers would take extra measures to ensure safety. The guidance that a civil engineer expert offers can support the employer in making sure the workplace is safe for his employees and can decrease the chance of becoming a part of the statistics shown here.


Giving Employees the Right Tools and Equipment Can Prevent Accidents


In order to work safely, employees need proper tools and equipment. Phil La Duke, contributor to Entrepreneur, said, “The cost of steel-toed shoes or safety glasses is minuscule compared with the cost of trauma surgery.” This is an excellent perspective. Employers should always give their workers the tools needed to do a job thoroughly and safely.


How a Civil Engineer Expert Can Increase Workplace Safety  


Having a workplace inspected by a civil engineering expert witness is another measure that can ensure workplace safety. Why? Because a civil engineering expert witness has the skill needed to assess the potential dangers of any workplace. civil engineer expertThis engineering professional can easily recognize areas of weakness or danger in a structure that others would miss. An experienced civil engineer expert can advise companies about how to promote safety for employees. Additionally, employers should definitely consider including an expert in the process of constructing company buildings.  Justin Hall, engineer expert witness, wrote, “Careful, knowledgeable analysis of the structural and mechanical design work can save both time and money in the long run, preventing a need to go back to the drawing board in search of specific causation. Fielding any chance of recurring defects in reconstruction, a civil engineering expert can confirm whether the forensic design is, in fact, sound and trustworthy.” Contact Justin Hall, PE, civil engineering expert witness, to learn more about how to make your workplace as safe as it can possibly be for employees.


Employers, cannot afford to take chances when it comes to workplace accidents. For the good of the company as well as the good of the employees, employers should do all they can do to ensure that the workplace poses no danger to workers.